Monday, January 7, 2013

Where to Learn Photography Skills -

Although i've dabbled in photography since 1977 I know there is a lot to learn. A good foundation of skills and understanding will definitely lead to improved images and better pics overall. I've always been fascinated by cameras and the ability to capture an image. In those early years, I read all I could and I experimented as much as my wallet would allow back in the day.

These days digital photography is the norm. I have much to learn and I think it is easier for me to have someone share with me their knowledge and skills. So where to go? I checked out and found a large number of groups that are local, inexpensive, look like fun and I believe will be supportive of my quest for knowledge and skills. I have conducted different meetups of my own with good success. I'm looking forward to these new adventures. I'll be sharing my experiences with you all as well. Wish me luck!

Panasonic GF1 - What I Use

This is the camera set up that I currently use when I take "serious" pics. A lot of the time in casual environments, I just use my iphone, lol. The Panasonic is a digital camera of the micro 4/3 system. It's not the latest and greatest, but it suits well and has proven very reliable. I also love the fact that if I stay with the micro 4/3 system in the future, i'll be able to use my lens with my next camera. The lens t the Panasonic Pancake 20mm F1.7 lens which many consider to be a recent classic lens is very sharp, very useful and handles very well on these types of cameras.

For my needs it is better to learn to fully exploit all the potential my camera has, vs seeking out the latest, new camera models and wasting hundreds of dollars. Unlike computers for the vast majority of users, we don't need to change cameras every few years. Always buy quality when purchasing and then you don't need to change as often, and have a tool that will work for you when you need it.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Olympus OM-D

The Olympus OM series of cameras are classics that were built and marketed heavily in the 1970s. Today, film cameras have pretty much gone by the wayside, and now folks are all using digital cameras. Check out how the Olympus camera has evolved! This is clearly a camera that pays homage to its glorious past and has a solid metal body that features extensive dust and weather proofing. It boasts a terrific sensor and it is compact and handles very well. On a personal note, i'm saving my dollars for one of these. Check out this link to a great review of the camera by a fellow blogger. I think his review is excellent work. He has an incredible pic shown of the camera getting doused by water. Awesome stuff! My nephew has one of these great cameras and I will have to pick his brain on it. Olympus has done themselves proud with this well thought out product evolution.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Olympus OM-1

My first personally owned camera was an awesome, svelte and sexy Olympus OM-1. It truly was an amazing camera. Durable metal body, sleek and smooth handling, and the camera and lens line exuded quality. My first kit consisted of the camera body, a T-20 flash, and a 135mm F2.8, and a 50mm F1.4. I took thousands of photos with that camera, and many of my photos were used in the college yearbook and in the college newspaper, too. It was a fast handling and very reliable, easy to operate, understand and use piece of gear. The OM-1 was a fully manual camera that holds a place in my heart today.